Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recently Seen in Michael's Museum

  1. a little girl on her belly visiting with the Museum Mouse
  2. a grown woman on her belly visiting with the Museum Mouse
  3. a dad and son playing PEEK-A-BOO through the game piece PEEK-A-BOO cabinet
  4. a mom crawling through the "smaller entrance" with her three year old son crawling through after her
  5. a little girl crawling through the “smaller entrance” while her mom hurried to the larger entrance to catch up
  6. kids sorting the multi-colored puff balls into the type tray on the wall
  7. six visitors grouped around the Coffee Table playing the Coffee Table Treasure Hunt Game
  8. a grandmother looking at the Antique Christmas items
  9. a kid on a stool filling a Visitor Display with wooden animals
  10. children going from cabinet to cabinet carefully studying the collections
  11. a well dressed older woman, with her daughter and granddaughter visiting from South Carolina, walking around the room from cabinet to cabinet with the “Collections List & Numbers” laminated card.
  12.  one little girl whose main focus was trying to pry open the cabinets
  13.  a mother who grabbed her child (the child obviously intrigued by what he saw,) by the hand and dragged him away from the exhibit entrance saying, “You won’t be interested in this.”
  14.  a kid of just able to walk age interacting with a collection in the Tower by pointing from one item to the next for a period of five or ten minutes
  15.  a 6 year old boy doing a knee dive through the smaller entrance
  16.  an adult sitting on the couch reading through a collection book
  17.  many care givers easily pushing small and large buggies through the entire exhibit
  18.  wheel chairs easily maneuvering through the entire exhibit
  19.  kids climbing on a stool or chair to get closer to a cabinet
  20.  kids piling blocks on the shelf over the smaller entrance
  21.  kids and parents arranging their “collections” in the Visitor Display cabinets on the wall
  22.  wooden animal manipulatives artfully arranged throughout the exhibit on to of collection cabinets, picture frames, and other unexpected areas
  23.  kids carrying around green magnifying glasses to magnify tiny objects in various collections, some doing it correctly, some not.
  24.  kids carrying arouns green magnifying glasses to magnify large objects that do not necessarily need magnification 
  25.  people at the Curator’s Desk using the magnifying glass to study the items in the Teeniest Collection Cabinet
  26. visitors recognizing my portrait over the sofa and approaching me to talk about Michael’s Museum
  27.  and much much more...

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