Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Sixty Eight Rooms

Marianne Melone, author of "The Sixty Eight Rooms," a fictional adventure at the Art Institute's Thorn Rooms, posted this on her page on Facebook.

"A visit to see the cool tiny stuff (lots of books) at Michael's Museum in the Children's Museum of Chicago."

Thanks Marianne.

In turn I highly recommend her book "The Sixty-Eight Rooms." I loved it. (Sixth-graders Ruthie and her best friend, Jack, are on a class visit to Chicago’s Art Institute, where they see the famous Thorne Rooms. Filled with incredible miniatures, the rooms, representing different time periods, fascinate Ruthie. When she finds a key that shrinks her and allows her to get inside the rooms, Ruthie wants to return as soon as possible. Jack is a willing partner, and when a way is found to shrink him, too, the adventure really begins.)

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