Sunday, September 23, 2012

Your Collection Featured

Approximately 500 people a month are looking at this Michael's Museum's BLOG. How would you like MM to feature a photo of one of your or your child's collections? It does not have to consist of Tiny Treasures, just a beloved collection of something. 

We can list you as "anonymous," use your initials, or your first name. Let us know your preference.

If you choose, you and/or your child can be pictured next to the collection (let us know whose collection you have photographed.)

In addition to appearing on this BLOG, we will feature your collection on MM's Facebook Page.

E-Mail your photo to (Please only one photograph per e-mail. If you want to send more e-mails, we will use them at a later date.)

(P.S. Sorry, but we will have to "jury" our photograph for appropriateness. Oh yes, and please make sure the collection photographed is "Family Friendly" :-)

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