Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brown Bag Meeting: April 28, 2011

Today a Brown Bag Lunch Meeting was held in the Crown Workshop to make available an update to interested CCM people with an overview and progress update on MIchael's Museum. Approximately 25 people attended. The meeting presenters included Katie, Project Developer; Michele, Project Manager, Natalie, Education Team Member; Brett, Opening Celebrations & Marketing, and Michael, Collector, Creator, and Curator of Michael's Museum.

Michael's presentation included a brief: "All That I Have Been" presentation detailing his past and current roles, education, job experiences, and talents. It is hard to make a presentation like this and not brag so Michael presented it in this interesting fashion:

ALL I HAVE BEEN: (approximately in this order)
• A Child
Great Grandson
Great Nephew
• An Adult
Young Man
Older Gentleman
Great Uncle
and Gregory’s Life Mate of over 35 years.

• A Student
Undergraduate  Student
Fraternity Brother
Fraternity President
Graduate Student
Post Graduate Student
Advanced Certificate Degree Student
Camp Director
Substitute Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
Fifth Grade Team Leader
Gifted Ed Program Director
College Instructor
Workshop Presenter
and a Life Long Educator.
•A Renter
Home Owner
Land Lord
Condo Owner
& Community Organizer.
•A Baby Sitter
Factory Worker
Short Order Cook
House Keeper
Hotel Room Clerk
Sales Person
Grocery Store Bagger
Grocery Store Cashier
Executive Assistant
Office Manger
IT Person
Book Keeper
Interior Designer Assistant  
Architect Assistant
•A Book Binder
Mime Clown
Assemblage Artist
Jewlery Artist
The Curator of Michael’s Museum

PROGRESS: April 28, 2011

Entries and PEEK-A-BOO windows completed. Tomorrow prime coat of paint. Monday paint. Tuesday cabinet layout and then installation begins in ernest!

View of Michael's Museum from the Great Hall.

Museum Mouse Entrance discussions.

 Left: Larger Entrance. Right: Smaller Entrance

PEEK-A-BOO window. Will contain the "Tiny Book Collection." You will be able to look at the collection and PEEK through to the exhibit from the Great Hall and vice versa.

PEEK-A-BOO window for the "Nature's History Collection."

 PEEK-A-Boo window for the "Game Mover Pieces Collection."

Today's Tiny Treasure: Santa Christmas Tree Ornament

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PROGRESS: April 27, 2011

These progress reports have been coming fast and furiously but that is how things have been around the Santa's Workshop that is Michael's Museum getting ready for its debut at The Chicago Children's Museum. These pictures show the larger entrance, the smaller entrance, Peek-A-Boo Cabinet, and Museum Mouse's Entrance as they have been wall boarded, taped, mudded, sanded, and plastered. Also pictured is our friend Roger who has been out several times to help with the preparation for installation.

Today's Tiny Treasure: Bubble Gum Machine Teeth Charm

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PROGRESS: April 26,2011

Compare to yesterday's pictures. The walls are drywalled and the main entrance is opened. My friend Dominic helped out with installing tiny treasures today.

Today's Tiny Treasure: Plastic Bowling Pin & Ball

Monday, April 25, 2011

PROGRESS April 25, 2011

Today the previous exhibit in the future Michael's Museum space was scheduled for demolition and the new construction begun. Here are some pictures for you of what seems like amazing progress, quickly accomplished.

Michael (himself) posing in front of the "Coming Soon" sign.

This is the 400 square foot space just off the Great Hall will become Michael's Museum.

 Demolition complete, construction begun.

Contractors study plan detail.

Smaller entrance framed, probably for children, will be adorned with red velvet drapes. Not pictured to the left: larger entrance, probably for adults, will be adorned with red velvet drapes.

"Michael's Museum Mouse" entrance, probably for the Museum Mouse, will be adorned with red velvet drapes.

Above: Two "Peek-A-Boo Window Cabinets" are framed. They will contain the "Game Mover Pieces" and "Natural History" collections. Visitors will be able to see the collections as well as PEEK into Michael's Museum from the Great Hall or into the Great Hall from Michael's Museum.

Today's Tiny Treasure: Bubble Gum Machine Whistle Charm

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Unpacking of archival boxes and bags has been going on for the last two weeks. Only a dozen or so boxes still need to be unpacked. We have also begun to "museum wax" the tiny treasures in place. Rick from CCM and friends have been helping unpack including Gregory, Cheryl, Pat, and Roger.

Today's Tiny Treasure: Bubble Gum Machine Hamburger Charm

Friday, April 15, 2011

UPDATE April 15, 2011: Unpacking and Filling Cabinets

Yesterday and today, friends of Michael's Museum including Cheryl, Pat, and Gregory helped Curator Michael with unpacking collections in preparation for installing them into the exhibit cabinets. Here are a few pictures:
 Cheryl & Pat unpacking Tiny Treasures
 Gregory unpacking Tiny Treasures
Boxes with blue stripes have been unpacked. Some items are sitting in their space in the Tower waiting to be attached with "museum wax."
The Tower begins to take shape. The glass case in the lower right corner will be filled with and surrounded by Day of The Dead items.
Bottom shelves of the Corner Cabinet with Halloween, Chanukah, and Glass collections.
 Items unpacked and sorted and placed in front of their cabinets waiting for installation.
 More collections unpacked and waiting.
 Still more stuff ...
Vintage toys in a drawer waiting for their shelf to be fabricated by Mark in the workshop.
Loose items in drawers (total of 18 in cabinet.) Once filled each drawer will be topped with a plexiglass protective cover.