Sunday, March 13, 2011

UPDATE: 03/08/11 Design Development

At this meeting we continued with a review scheduling, timelines, tracking, getting estimates, placing orders to name just a few.

Collection locations are now finalized including those which will stay in their own cabinet and are already included in Jenny's elevation drawings as well as what we affectionately have come to call "Orphan Collections." They are, by definition, the ones that in their original home were on built in book cases, hung from the walls, piled on top of other cases, located on the floor, etc. and therefore needed to be relocated. The Orphan Collections will go into repurposed cabinets from previous CCM exhibits and have been named: The Top Shelf, The Tower, The Corner Cabinet, and The Drawers.

Here are a few pictures of some of the work that has begun on the cabinets:

1) The Tower - Newly painted and covered for protection
2) The Corner Cabinet - newly painted
3) An Activity Cabinet - newly constructed and painted - to be placed on the Curator's Desk
4) Misc existing collection cabinets waiting to be reinforced
and glass replaced with plexiglass. 

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