Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UPDATE 03/29/11: Fabrication & Installation

Today Michele, Mark, and Michael met to discuss loose ends and to go over the collection schedules and installation detail.

First we took a tour of the cabinets which are now out of storage and happy to be in the workshops of The Chicago Children's Museum. 

Next we discussed the collections and all of the cabinet interior detail that needs to be addressed. 

Finally we talked about staging in the "New Museum Offices" to begin installation of collection items into the cases and about moving all of the collections from storage to the museum. 

Work will begin in the offices during April on securing as many collections on their cabinet shelves as are possible and/or wise to do before the cabinets are actually moved into and secured in the exhibit space. 

Construction and painting that will take place at the end of April and exhibit installation will begin May 1.

The Chair and Side Table 

Cabinets under construction


 More Cabinets
And more cabinets 

 The "Tower" and "Sofa"
The "Corner Cabinet"

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