Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Can I Do at Michael's Museum?

Look at the collections in cases, on shelves, in cabinets, and on the walls.

Peek inside one or all of the 18 drawers in the Drawer Cabinet.

Play on the floor, sorting colorful objects into various containers.

Sit on the sofa and read or talk or rest or visit.

Sit in the chair and think or remember or share stories.

Lay on the floor and peek through the Museum Mouse Entrance to get a mouse's point of view of the collections.

Work at the Curator's Desk as you assemble objects by shape, size, or type.

Try to spot objects in the coffee table from a list of 25, 50, and 100 items.

Go on a Treasure Hunt by looking at little pictures on a laminated card and trying to locate them in Michael's Museum.

Check out the Peek-A-Boo Cabinets that have collections in them but which allow you to peek further into the exhibit or out into the Great Hall.

Read books about collecting and about famous Chicago collections.

Organize a borrowed from the museum collection in one of the fancy cabinets on the walls.

Read tiny Quotations from Michael with a magnifying glass.

Have your picture taken while sitting at the Curator's Desk.

See the cabinet that contains a Changing Collection from Visiting Collectors like you.

Think about how you might display your collections at home.

Read about the history of Michael's Museum.

Tell stories about what you see. Make up stories about what you see.

Try to imagine where all the items came from and how they were assembled.

Collect some objects from the Wall Drawers and arrange them on shelves located around the room.

Write in the journal, share your thoughts and ideas about collecting.

Think about what you collect at home or what you would like to collect.

Look at the items in the cabinet that contains Michael's Special Collection.

E-mail a picture of you and your collection to the museum to be included in our Michael's Museum Friend's Frame.

See if there are any items in Michael's Museum that you do not recognize or know the name for.

Use a magnifying lens to study little items in the Teeniest Collection cabinet.

As you walk around the exhibit, get a laminated card and check out the list of the names of over 100 collections.

Visit with the Curator on specially scheduled days.

Ask questions about what you see.

Visit the Michael's Museum Corner of the Gift Shop on your way home.

...and that is probably just he beginning!

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