Monday, April 25, 2011

PROGRESS April 25, 2011

Today the previous exhibit in the future Michael's Museum space was scheduled for demolition and the new construction begun. Here are some pictures for you of what seems like amazing progress, quickly accomplished.

Michael (himself) posing in front of the "Coming Soon" sign.

This is the 400 square foot space just off the Great Hall will become Michael's Museum.

 Demolition complete, construction begun.

Contractors study plan detail.

Smaller entrance framed, probably for children, will be adorned with red velvet drapes. Not pictured to the left: larger entrance, probably for adults, will be adorned with red velvet drapes.

"Michael's Museum Mouse" entrance, probably for the Museum Mouse, will be adorned with red velvet drapes.

Above: Two "Peek-A-Boo Window Cabinets" are framed. They will contain the "Game Mover Pieces" and "Natural History" collections. Visitors will be able to see the collections as well as PEEK into Michael's Museum from the Great Hall or into the Great Hall from Michael's Museum.

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