Friday, April 15, 2011

UPDATE April 15, 2011: Unpacking and Filling Cabinets

Yesterday and today, friends of Michael's Museum including Cheryl, Pat, and Gregory helped Curator Michael with unpacking collections in preparation for installing them into the exhibit cabinets. Here are a few pictures:
 Cheryl & Pat unpacking Tiny Treasures
 Gregory unpacking Tiny Treasures
Boxes with blue stripes have been unpacked. Some items are sitting in their space in the Tower waiting to be attached with "museum wax."
The Tower begins to take shape. The glass case in the lower right corner will be filled with and surrounded by Day of The Dead items.
Bottom shelves of the Corner Cabinet with Halloween, Chanukah, and Glass collections.
 Items unpacked and sorted and placed in front of their cabinets waiting for installation.
 More collections unpacked and waiting.
 Still more stuff ...
Vintage toys in a drawer waiting for their shelf to be fabricated by Mark in the workshop.
Loose items in drawers (total of 18 in cabinet.) Once filled each drawer will be topped with a plexiglass protective cover.


linda mayor said...

These pictures are fabulous! Such excitement is in the air!!!!

Michael Horvich said...

Little by little, Linda. I am still too busy to feel the excitement but am sure that I will soon!