Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UPDATE April 12, 2011: One Month Check In

This afternoon was the Michael's Museum Core and Expanded Team meeting to celebrate the "One Month Until Opening" milestone and to tie up as many loose ends as possible. Michael brought refreshments to help celebrate the occasion.

The Graphics Department presented logo and exhibit sign samples, the collection ID numbering system graphics, a beginning look at "The Story of Michael's Museum" which will be located in the exhibit, and a look at the arrangement of the collection of "Tiny Quotes from Michael" each in a beautifully ornate frame. The quotes will be so tiny that a magnifying glass will be necessary to read them in English and in Spanish. We also discussed signs around the museum that will "advertise" Michael's Museum.

Katie and Natalie shared the manipulatives which will be part of the visitor's educational, hands-on experience. Visitors will be able to sort, organize, classify and arrange (in other words "Curate") various colorful objects on trays, in cabinets, on shelves, etc. They will be able to do this on the floor, on the sofa or chair, at the coffee table, on the walls of the exhibit, or at the Curator's Desk.

Natalie K shared marketing updates including the Chicago Children's Museum web site, social media including CCM's facebook presence, the E-Newsletter, a press kit, and more. She mentioned that there has already been media inquiries about MM@CCM.

Brett talked about the arrangement for the morning ceremonies including invitations, a light breakfast, media presence, presentations and speeches, and ribbon cutting. There are three entrances to Michael's Museum, each of which will have a ribbon to cut. A large archway (with red velvet drapery,) a medium size archway (with red velvet drapery,) and a mouse size archway (with red velvet drapery.)

The excitement builds ...

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