Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Meeting

Today was the first Core Team meeting of the "Michael's Museum at The Chicago Children's Museum Project." Attendees included: Exhibit Developer: Katie S., Project Manager: Michele B., Education Developer: Natalie B., Designer: Jenny S., Exhibits & Design Res: Lousie B., and yours truly Content Expert/Curator: Michael H.

We started the meeting by each sharing a favorite childhood memory or small object which included: a small round green wooden box that contained a hollowed out bead with a carved ivory elephant inside (no larger than ¼ inch;) a plastic case of colored pencils, sharpener, and eraser (no larger than a credit card and maybe ⅛ inch thick;) a silver link charm bracelet (no larger than 2" in diameter to fit the arm of a young child and which had a companion bracelet that her mother wore;) a magic genie type pitcher with its invisible occupant; Guatemalan worry dolls, a collection of beach glass and a polished fossil stone; and a fifty year old, hand carved wooden horse with it's equally old companion horse, on loan from the collection of The Ragdale Foundation.

First, each team member explained their role on the team, next was a discussion of our understanding of the scope of the MM@CCM project, then an explanation of CCM's exhibit development process and finally a look at the "Hopes & Desires" for MM@CCM. A time line was developed for concept design, schematic design, design development, and exhibit fabrication.

Next week we look forward to the kickoff meeting with the Full Team which will also include the addition of a: Visitor Advocate, Preparator, Marketing Representative and Development Person.

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