Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meeting Update: October 12, 2010

Today we had a lunch meeting. The "Concept Paper" work was reviewed and the Big Idea was amended to say: "The universal allure of small things inspires curiosity, imagination, storytelling, and collecting." The Children's goal was revised to read: "To encourage  and support children as they investigate, wonder, create, and collect." The Caregiver's goals was revised to read: "To evoke reflection, exploration, and memory sharing (and inspire them to support children's interests in collecting." The Environmental goal remained the same: "To create an intimate, magnificent world that appeals to all people of ages."

The rest of the meeting was spent in brainstorming general strategies to achieve these goals. Visitors will be surveyed to get a beginning idea of what and why their children (and the adults as well) collect. Should be interesting to hear what is said. Another very productive meeting.

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