Sunday, January 16, 2011

UPDATE 01/13/11: Marketing & Development Meeting

Second meeting this week. This one with Amy of Development, Jennifer of Marketing, and Brett for Special Events. Michael's Museum will have a page on the CCM site, details to be determined. CCM Facebook presence will have a link to the page as well. Michael's Museum will have a presence in the CCM Gift Shop and Jasmine is working on this with the store's buyers. MM will be included in the CCM April E-Newsletter.

Background information on Michael and the Museum is being gathered and there will be some formal interviews by CCM staff as well.

Since MM is a museum of "small things" development and fund raising will work through many small ways for people to donate. Perhaps an internet countdown with people sponsoring a picture of a museum article each day.

Big plans are in progress for the opening morning celebrations including invitations to hold the date going out soon. CCM Boards, staff, supporters, family, and friends will be included in the invitations. Various experts in the field of collecting will be asked to join in. There will be a light breakfast, speeches, ribbon cutting, interaction with Michael and the Michael's Museum Team, and then the exhibit will be open for all by the time the Museum opens for the day.

An evening party is also being planned. More details on this later. If you are reading this and want to be included in the festivities send your request to:

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