Friday, September 9, 2011

This and More or Less

The other night, as I drifted off to sleep, I relived the opening of Michael's Museum, Friday, May 13, 2011.

The morning ceremonies were attended by over 90 people including museum staff, museum board members, dignitaries, news media, family, and friends. The evening celebration was a grand event attended by over 300 family, friends, acquaintances, and museum staff.

May 13th celebrated not only the opening of MM@CCM but in many ways celebrated what I had been able to accomplish over the last thirty years of my life in the form of a little museum in a big museum, celebrated the hundreds of thousands of visitors who would experience the joy and feel the magic of Michael's Museum, and also I must admit (with no humility) celebrated me.

It was a big evening and I was careful to study it, watch it, absorb it and remember it ... to be revisited when needed to. Like a bride at her wedding, I didn't want to have to say, "It was all a blur." I have been quoted as saying, "While I love to collect little things, I love to live my life BIG." That day and evening were BIG.

As I was drifting and remembering and re-experienceing, several thoughts passed my mind that asked, "Will there ever be anything as BIG again for me? What might the next BIG thing in my life be? How can I deal with looking forward only to the LITTLE things of daily life again?"

In the next set of thoughts, I realized that all I have to do is go to Navy Pier, to the Chicago Children's Museum, and sit on the sofa in Michael's Museum watching the visitors as they involve themselves with the collection of collections. Each person's experience will sometimes be obvious and most often be private and unique to each individual.

As I sit there and observe, I will know that what I have accomplished, with the help of the Chicago Children's Museum's Team, will have had an influence on those toddlers, children, young people, teens, young adults, adults, parents, grand parents, and more. I will have shared the magic and joy and I will feel big.

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