Thursday, December 22, 2011

Second Annual Snowball

Great article by Candace Jordan, Social Columnist at Chicago Tribune, covered Chicago Children's Museum's Second Annual Snowball, a dinner dance for children and their parents. Towards the bottom of the article mention is made of Michael's Museum. Michael Horvich, Curator was the in-kind sponsor for the "Make-A-Snow Person" activity.

Click here to see article.

Below: Michael at the Snowball with two of his friends. Michael, Curator of Michael's Museum was the in-kind sponsor for the "Make-A-Snow Person" winter activity at the Snowball. Children made "Snow People" out of white gum balls, plastic top hats, yarn scarfs, and marker features and buttons.

Below:  Jo Brecknock and daughter Lily Brecknock make a Snow Person.

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