Monday, January 2, 2012

"Artifacts" at Chicago Children's Museum

Today saw the installation of "Artifacts" at Chicago Children's Museum in Michael's Museum's Changing Collections Cabinet. Friends and Guest Collectors Jake Bloom and Jan Yourist gathered miniature, diminutive, little, small, and tiny items from around their collection filled home and created a magical, mysterious, evocative exhibit that will be on loan through February 23, 2012. Come visit and experience for yourself!

Read Jan's Blog about the experience:

Visit Chicago Children's Museum's site:

 Jan & Jake unpacking.

Jan discussing the installation with Jake.

Jake discussing the installation with Jan.

Jake and Jan installing on the seven shelves of the Changing Collections Cabinet.

Jake photographing the installation.

 Jan and Jake photographing the installation.

The installation before closing and securing the cabinet.

Jan and Jake

 Michael, Jan, and Jake.

 Michael, Jake, and Jan.

Jan, Jake, and Michael.

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jyourist said...

Thanks. All the labels under the photos of us made me laugh a lot!