Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Other Day in Michael's Museum

Lot of activity in Michael's Museum (as usual.) Yesterday, during the installation of "Alex's Attic," Michael visited with a family from Kuwait. Dad is currently studying for his PhD in Iowa so the entire family is in the U.S.

Mom collects lady bugs. She has over 100 of them and writes the name of the person who gave the bug to her or the place she purchased it. Dad, Boys 12, 9, and 7 and Girl 5 all collect as well.

One of the boys noticed that in the Cola Bottle Collection there is a Coca Cola bottle written in Arabic. Many questions were asked and Michael got to tell a lot of stories. The family in turn got asked lots of questions and got to tell their stories.

They loved CCM and came back three times on their stay in Chicago making sure they visited Michael's Museum each time. As a thank you Mom gave Michael a tiny Koran and Dad gave Michael a golden coin from Kuwait.

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