Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Visit with Allison and Family

Allison was a student of Michael's some 27 years ago when she was Hadley, her daughter's age. Today a wonderful reunion took place at Michael's Museum in the Chicago Children's Museum. Matt, Allison's husband, took these great photographs.

Hadley, Allison, Michael

 Hadley checking out some of the collections.

Hadley helping Matt through the "Smaller Door."

Michael & Allison posing in front of the Peek-A-Boo Mini Book Collection Cabinet.

Hadley helping Matt get through the "Museum Mouse Door."

Michael and Allison admiring the 1"x1" hardback hand bound book that Allison made some 27 years ago in a book binding workshop that Michael taught in Glenview. It is now part of the permanent collections at Chicago Children's Museum.


Juliet Calabrese said...

I love this little museum. It is somewhere I feel magic & inspiration.

Michael Horvich said...

Thanks Juliet. You have identified part of MM's mission!