Monday, May 9, 2011

Answers to the "Parts & Pieces" BLOG

First, make sure you have seen the pictures on the "Parts & Pieces" BLOG

Next, here are the answers:

1. Larger entrance to Michael's Museum from inside looking out into the Great Hall.

2. The sofa where visitors can sit and play and think and tell stories and visit, etc.

3. United States History of Flags display rack. Recently designed by Rick and built by Patrick.

4. Top of the Pan-Asian Art Collection Cabinet.

5. Wall shelf holding the Teddy Bear Collection Cabinet.

6. Protective paper covering the plexiglass protecting one of the bookshelves.

7. A drawer that will filled with tiny treasures for visitors to display in one of the interactive cabinets.

8. The Blue Shelf waiting to be filled with the Vintage Toys Collection.

9. Red velvet drapes covering the smaller entrance to Michael's Museum.

10. An antique type setters tray that visitors can fill with tiny treasures.

11.  Inside of the Key Collection Cabinet.

12. Keys on a ring hanging outside the Key Collection Cabinet.

13. Hand made paper embossed with Native American Indian Heads.

14. An activity shelf on which visitors can organize a collection.

15. A stainless screw attaching the plexiglass cover to the Mexican Art Flats Collection

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