Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PROGRESS: May 3, 2011

Today, with the paint dry, installation of cabinets began. Jenny, Exhibit Designer, measured placement based on her design plans. Mark, Head Preparator, and Patrick and Rick, Preparators helped place cabinets and firmly attach them to the walls.

Left to right: Mark, Patrick, and Jenny begin measuring.

Left to right: Jenny, Rick, Mark 

 One wall almost installed.

 Mark and Patrick working on next "Top Shelf." Natalie, Director of Public Relations, does some photo documenting of the installation.

Rick, seen through the "Natures Treasures" PEEK-A-BOO window, touching up paint on the "Top Shelf"

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LOR said...

I know you enjoyed watching all this unfold. I can feel it in the pictures you so carefully took. Rick looks like a miniature man to me, making a shelf, seen through a tiny window in your museum. lol Or so it seems...from the heart of the little girl who made up stories looking through the window of her dollhouse. Me, of course, and now I can feel, what you love, inside my own heart.
I love you for helping to shape the imagination of that little girl, who still has the desire to tell her story in a book