Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What People Are Saying About the Opening of Michael's Museum at Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier

What a wonderful exhibit. My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will surely be back. A.N.T.

Beautiful exhibit, great collections. P.B.

Fabulous in every way! L.L.E.M.

It was AMAZING! Well worth the trip to Navy Pier just to see your wonderful collection. G.M.

Tonight was very special. J.K.

Absolutely marvelous!!! The feel of the room, the joy, excitement, color of the collections is a triumph in many ways. J.H.

A wonderful exhibition. The "feel" of Michael is at the heart of it. R.Z.

What an awesome exhibit you have created and (so generously!) shared! It was a great night. A.D.

It was truly a magical experience. C.A.

It is the most awesome contribution to our city's cultural heritage! J.Y.

People going through your museum are bound to become friends---there’s this compulsion to point things out to whomever is standing near you so you just start talking. J.S.

I believe in the magic you brought to my life!  L.M.

I don't yet have words for the pecularly, comforting regression evoked by your little objects, a pull to a more idelaized childhood than anyone really had. J.M.

What a wonderful exhibit for the children to get their minds whirling with ideas for their own collections ... you have found a great way to help educate kids and boost their creativity! J.H.M.

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