Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meeting Update: November 9, 2010

The main activity of this meeting was Jenny Schrider's sharing of and receiving feedback from the group on her initial "bubble plans" for the MM@CCM exhibit space.

She certainly did her homework and research in finding pictures and images that had a feel similar to the original MM when it was in my home and when CCM first saw and fell in love with it in 2007. She also looked at "Wonder Rooms" and "Curiosity Cabinets" of the 16th and 17th centuries, and the Thorn Rooms at the Art Institute for motivations.

The concept and documentation of the history and transition of MM to CCM begins to become an additional collection for MM@CCM. The group felt it was important for visitors to realize that it is "one person's collection and world view" that is being shared with a wider audience.

Her design incorporated putting the entrance in a new place, creating a comfortable seating area with a rug, love seat, chairs and coffee table. Her vision of "The Curator's Desk" was a place for visitor activities as well as a place for Michael to work when he is in the museum. Options besides wall cabinets for displaying collections was discussed.

Having items floor to ceiling and possibly on the ceiling was discussed. "Peep Throughs" from the Great Hall perhaps looking through a collection cabinet and into MM would allow for surprise.

Jenny has a great feel for the "essence" of Michael's Museum and how to bring that to The Children's Museum in a manner that is fitting to both the collection and CCM and in the transition from "then to now," making it even better than ever imagined.

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Jenny said...

Great to hear your thoughts and summary of the meeting. Thanks for confidence!