Monday, August 15, 2011


Michael's Museum is not just a museum or an exhibit ... but in many ways my alter-ego. It is me! It is a collection of collections which I have created over the last 30 years although collecting is something that has been part of me since I can remember. Sharing it with so many people in so many different ways, each person taking away what they will from the experience; has been amazing, amusing, and astounding for me. It has caused me to do a lot of personal reflection, retrospection, and introspection.

I so love being in the museum interacting with babies, toddlers, children, teens, adults, parents, grandparents, great grandparents. It is very reinforcing to see them involved with what I have created made better with the help of the Chicago Children's Museum's fifteen person Michael's Museum Team.

The older visitors are free and quick to share stories including cute ones as well as deep reflective memorable ones. Watching the younger visitors discover the magic and joy of the collections and how they express their discoveries is intriguing. Seeing people identify with one item or collection in particular as an affirmation of their life experiences, memories, culture, or self-worth is gratifying.

The accumulation of these hundreds of thousands of tiny treasures has become a folk art piece which seems to take on an energy of its own freely shared. Michael's Museum allows intergenerational interaction, sharing, and learning which releases the past, confirms the present, and insures the future. 

A Magnificent Magnitude of Magic exists in Michael's Museum, A Curious Collection of Tiny Treasures. The Museum Muse and the Museum Mouse are in residence, their names are Joy. Come visit.

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jyourist said...


A beautiful reflection on the museum you created...

Your museum is amazing, astounding--profoundly inspiring. You have unleashed not just collections, but a way of thinking, a way of seeing, a way of being . Your museum encourages possibilities and imaginings. Your museum sparks and animates creativity. Your museum helps all to observe with fresh eyes.