Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today in Michael's Museum

1) Met a woman who is becoming more involved with the Children's Museum in Minnesota and is on the Board of "An Ounce of Prevention," an organization geared to providing opportunities for underserved, one to three year olds.

2) Worked with a small number of visitors as we prototyped a folded paper, corrugated cover, cotton cord bound book. "Make-A-Mini-Book" will showcase Michael as the featured "Maker of the Month" on Wednesdays during the month of August.

3) Was told by a mother that MM@CCM is her ten year old son's favorite place to visit.

4) Talked with a two year old girl about the Museum Mouse and his friend the Collection Cat.

5) Explained to a small group of visitors about the made in England, limited edition, hand bound, hand colored, mini books that are located in the "Tiniest Collections Cabinet."

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