Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today in Michael's Museum

Today Michael was at Michael's Museum from 10:30 - 12:30. He visited with over 93 children and 43 adults. He will be taking off during the month of July but will be back at CCM on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00 as part of August's "Maker's Month" helping visitors learn how to make a mini-book.

During today's visit:

1) English not spoken here:
Michael met a grandmother from China whose only English word was, "China." No English was spoken or needed for the Grandmother and her 2 year old granddaughter to enjoy the collections. They spent quite a bit of time in the exhibit.

2) Seen for the first time: 
Several young visitors were measuring their face parts with the rulers provided at the Curator's Desk. Nose 1", Ear 1.5", Smiling mouth 3".

3) Seen for the first time:
In the past we have seen visitors "baking" puff ball cupcakes. Today for the first time, wooden spool cup cakes were being baked and verbally tasted. Blue=Blueberry. Pink=Strawberry. Brown=Chocolate. Purple=Blackberry. Turquoise=Raspberry. Yellow=Lemon.

4) Compliment to Michael:
"Seeing all this art from Mexico makes me feel at home and brings back many memories of my childhood."

5) Gift to Michael:
Jenny Schrider (Michael's Museum/CCM Exhibit Designer and Principal Partner of Design Play Studio) and Michael had lunch today to catch up on the wonderful things that continue to take place in Michael's Museum. Jenny brought Michael a tiny treasure of a gift. Notice the size of the vase and flowers compared to the shiny new penny. The glass vase was 1.5" wide x 4" high. The flowers added another 3" to the height.

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